Ton Rosendaal

(1964 – Dutch nationality) is a senior financial manager. He demonstrates a track record of almost 30 years of successfully developing and implementing financial systems for large international businesses like T-mobile, Kraft Foods, Integraph, Canal+, Ernst & Young and local companies such as Pon, Essent, Liquix, Sunniwel and Telergy. He is both professionally and as investor financially involved in various other companies.

Ton holds a firm belief that excellent companies have a clear vision and a strong commitment to focus on achieving such. Ton is result driven, demonstrates a clear vision and track record of success and result. He can be characterized as loyal, pragmatic, dedicated and determined.

Specific expertise:  Proven experience in cost-, risk- and cash flow management; Restructering of finance and debts; Acquisition and sale/divest of companies; Start-up support; Development of long term vision and the implementation of such,(de)integration processes and turn around management.