Ruud Alblas

(1957 – Dutch Nationality ) 30 years experience as key account manager and marketing manager in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Learned his trade at the US-Multinational 3M, where he was responsible for several product groups and successfully grew these 3M- businesses in the Netherlands and Germany. Managed some the largest international key accounts for 3M’s office division, winning several supplier awards.

Since 2010 Ruud is working as an independent business consultant, mainly supporting manufacturers of office -and IT supplies and suppliers of creative home-deco materials.

Fast and excellent execution of a growth strategy becomes more and more important.. The market does not wait. In export business however it is not easy to find the right people at the right time. With his experience as key account manager Ruud can speed up execution as a pioneer or hunter to open doors in new segments or find new distribution partners. As a interim sales manager he can also find, train and coach a new sales force or support key account managers on strategic sales calls,

Since 1994 Ruud lives in Germany and feels at home both in the German and Dutch business-culture. In most of his projects these skills are needed to help German companies to succesfully sell in the Netherlands, or the other way around: support Dutch manufactures looking for German customers. Our ‘Go Dutch concept supports foreign companies that want to grow their positions in the Netherlands or use the Netherlands as a hub for their European business.

Specific skills.; growth-strategy, effective marketing-mix, sales-, key account-management, sales- coaching, and sales- training.