Roel Semmelink

(1965 –Dutch nationality) is a general manager with a proven track record within challenging commercial projects. Roel has served in various positions ranging up to CEO for companies such as Van Dorp Despec, Planmaster-Lega, edding International and Creative Hobbies Group. For such Roel served as Managing Director in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The above companies were active in the B2B segments such as office supplies and interior, the electronics/AV-sector as well as in the non-food and leisure consumer sales. The companies achieved annual turnovers ranging up to about € 100 million. Turnover/profit- or cost reduction targets were met year-on-year.

Roel is a strong believer in the ‘empowerment’ of organizations and as trained business coach both an inspirator as well as motivator. Roel accomplished the following achievements; determination of new corporate strategies, set up of new company divisions, acquisition of new companies, set up of an international sales & key account structure, new pricing models, development of new markets, products and brands. Furthermore he steered strategic projects such as the relocation of a production facility to Eastern Europe, the integration of 4 warehouses into 1 European centre as well as the development of a Pan European webshop.

Specific expertise; Vision-, strategy development and –implementation; Turn around management; Organizational development; Commercial (marketing-, sales-, key account-) management; Project management; New business development and strategic cooperations.