Go Dutch

Open your crossroads to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The Netherlands, also referred to as ‘Holland’, officially is named ‘Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden’. The name Holland originates back to the ‘Golden Century’ where the provinces North- and South-Holland clearly played a leading role in the countries development via its global trading routes. Did you know the Dutch where the first to introduce the stock exchange in Amsterdam already in 1602? 

This well-known international trading mentality still is recognized today. The Dutch still are top-10 foreign investors worldwide, are the 5th largest exporter in the world and about 15% of Dutch employees are employed by a foreign employer.

With the largest port in Europe, its strategic location to European mainland as well as sea channels to Africa, The Netherlands are considered one of the best strategic locations to build up your ‘foreign business’. Let us assist you in creating vast chances for your European success.


Our Go Dutch approach

Let us build your bridge into Europe. Whizzdom combines vast international experience in the area’s of general-, finance-, marketing- & sales management and such in a hands-on manner. We believe in action over words. Aside of our own partners and associates our extensive network is there to help you to develop your business. From inception to execution. From drawing board to delivery.

We can offer ‘one-stop-shop’ and assign those specialists for that specific subject within that specific timeframe. With our services you always have the best support, without troubling about how to find such specialist in the first place.

And yes, we even pick up the bill in some transactions. For instance we may act as your co-investor in a specific business case. How is that for ‘going Dutch’?

We will accompany you in your search to find best solutions in :

  • Market research: distribution, channels, pricing
  • Business set up: location choice, hiring (temporary) staff
  • Merger and acquisition plans
  • Fiscal- and financial solutions
  • Market survey, including detailed big data on consumer level for various market segments and channels
  • Local business planning
  • Distributor / reseller search
  • Etcetera

We will remain at your side and will not stop untill your business is running as planned.

Why invest in The Netherlands?


A strategic location in Europe

The Netherlands for centuries is identified as the gateway to Europe. With the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest and most important seaport and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport ranked Europe’s best airport for both cargo and passenger transport. Aside of such the open economy, the high technological and educational skills of the Dutch, provide an excellent base to start your European business.

Furthermore to numerous American, Asian and European companies it has proven to be a strategic location to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This unique geographical position near major searoutes, with the largest European port and one of the leading airports in the world are only some of the reasons why business in Holland for you can prove to be highly successful. Ever since the end of the Middleages The Netherlands have played a significant role in the world economy. Today The Netherlands are in the top 10 of the worlds largest investors. At the same time and despite being relatively small, The Netherlands is identified Europes’ sixth largest economy.



An open economy with a competitive fiscal climate

With its tax system the Dutch government offers a beneficiairy package for your international tax planning. Both corporate income tax and tax on taxable profits prove to be highly competitive versus neigbouring countries.

And such not limited for big multi nationals. Specific and friendly fiscal arrangements are also in place for your employees, augmenting to a maximum of tax-free reimbursement the employee’s salary.

The relevant factors include a corporate income tax rate of 20% on the first € 200,000, and 25% for taxable profits exceeding 200,000 euros, which is well below the EU national average.

There is also a broad tax treaty network. The Netherlands has signed treaties with more than 80 countries that ensure the avoidance of double taxation on income and capital. This reduces withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties (for interest and royalties, in some cases, taxes are reduced to 0 %).


whizzdom_fact_13Leading innovators and exporters 

Holland’s open innovation approach and well organized public-private partnerships offer a favorable environment for companies looking for business acceleration. Together with a mind-set of creativity, collaboration and reliability – and a top scientific sector – Holland is able to guarantee the most important drivers in ‘innovation location’ choices for foreign investors. The Netherlands is also classified as one of the most ‘wired’ countries in the world; a dynamic force in electronic commerce, communications and outsourcing.

More than a decade of investment in high-speed internet, cable and digital communication systems, as well as the rapid adoption of state-of-the-art computer and cell phone technology, have created an ideal base for companies seeking to take advantage of modern technology.

Aside of its focus on technology, the trade mentality of the Dutch has placed them clearly on a top position in the global exporter index for decades.


whizzdom_fact_09An international stable business environment with solid workforce

The Netherlands, for centuries Europe’s trading crossroads, is an obvious choice to locate your pan-European operation – whether it’s a European headquarters, a shared services center, a customer care center, a distribution and logistics operation, or an R&D facility.

The country’s pro-business environment creates a gateway to Europe that helps international companies succeed throughout the continent. An international outlook and openness to foreign investment is firmly ingrained in the Dutch culture, and this has yielded a wealth of world-class business partners who know how to deal with global business challenges in today’s economy.

The Netherlands features one of the most highly educated, flexible and motivated workforces in Europe. Dutch professionals are also among the most multilingual in the world, enabling them to successfully operate in companies across any industry, serving customers throughout the continent.

What’s more, Dutch law offers employers a range of contract possibilities to flexibly procure employees.

Source: Holland trade