Our securities

Seasoned experts

Proven track record in highly competitive industries

When you choose Whizzdom you can rest assured we will accompany your process under the supervision of seasoned experts only. C-level managers with an international track record and solid reputation. With such you will not only be guided throughout the process by mature sparring partners, yet also by experts with field experience. So no ‘juniors’ against ‘senior’ tariffs.

Multidisciplinary team

Our ‘home made’ sparring partners

Through its unique combination of sector specialisms, further enhanced by our combination of services we can truly provide a 360 degree scope on matters. This enables us to view matters from various stand points. Such again giving not only a deeper view on matters, yet also sometime totally refreshing solutions for specific problems.

Our tandem approach

Improved insight, decreased risk

In some assignments we even offer the backbone of a second ‘tandem partner’. It is his or her duty as ‘counselor’ to oversee the project and to work together with the Whizzdom partner or associate in the background. Joint consultation is done with the customer on the project’s progress and results, together with the partner or associate. Regular monitoring and evaluation takes place.

In this fashion we do not only offer our clients even more confidence in reaching the agreed targets, yet also provide a broader scope on the matter. We will take care that each tandem duo on a specific assignment, shows complementary skills and therewith offers even an enhanced multi disciplinary character.

Quick intervention

Intensive management support when continuity is at stake.

In certain situations in order to safeguard the company’s continuity, it may be necessary to place specialists directly into the management team. To provide a stable link to shareholders or financial institutions. Or perhaps it is taking masses of management time to maintain a company in financial difficulties. That’s when it is very valuable to have a solid partner that you can call on.

Whizzdom is that partner. We can provide a quick solution by means of a ‘quick intervention team of various specialists in the areas of finance, strategy or operations that operate quickly to first stabilize your organization. Also for a possible ‘re-shaping’ or the implementation of restructuring or reorganizing plans, we can lend a listening ear and be your decisive partner – putting plans into effect.