Telecom, Media & Technology

Whizzdom TMT sector knowledge consists of highly experienced telecom and media executives, each with more than 15 years experience. Our team members have a unique ability to identify trends and opportunities within the Telecom, Media and Technology sector. Our multinational and multidisciplinary team has global experience in the creation and implementation of highly successful strategies in the relevant sector.

All markets are different. Our team, which guarantees an understanding of the differences between countries, cultures and markets and ensures an open approach to issues with respect for cultural differences. Everyone in our team has worked in international settings and understands the need for solutions tailored to the local environment.

Our team covers the whole management spectrum and value chain: general management, financial management, corporate finance, financial engineering, strategy, commercial management, marketing, sales, retail distribution, IT, network engineering, human resources, legal, corporate affairs, communications, e-commerce, e-billing, etc. All our team members have worked together on several projects from start-ups to turn-arounds and our strength is our ability to complement each other in various fields of expertise.

Value creation is the key principle of what we do. In their respective disciplines every team member has a proven track record of questioning and changing the status quo in order to grow and enhance business. Whether it is the development of an innovative business model that changed the industry, innovative marketing and brand strategies, distribution strategies, financial models, restructuring and leading organizations or creating European wide alliances of companies, we have done it all.

In the fast moving world that we operate in today multiple skillsets are required to identify new megatrends and rapidly changing business models. Partnership and teamwork is therefore indispensible to create shareholder value. Whizzdom prides itself in working with partners that can facilitate optimal and rapid knowledge sharing in order to create value.

Whizzdom is the chosen discussion partner to enable you to capitalize on your TMT opportunities.

Sector leader: Ton Rosendaalton-rosendaal

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