The Dutch retail sector employs over 850.000 people and has a total yearly revenue of well over 105 billion euro. Of this turnover 48% is generated by nonfood stores, while the food sector accounts for 37 %. The rest is divided between Petrol stations (9%), while web sales account for 6% of the retail turnover in the Netherlands.

After years of declining turnover especially in nonfood stores, in 2015 growth is projected since it is the general expectation that  consumers are expected to start spending more again. Although web sales account for only 6% of total turnover it demonstrates the highest growth rate of all retail businesses. The impact per category strongly differs per category. Although for the food segment less than 1% of the revenue is conducted via web sales, other categories have identified vast changes towards online sales.

As always, staying close to the consumer is the challenge retail has to answer to . The consumer today proves to be ever more demanding than and wants to be able to buy “anything, anytime, anywhere”.  Technology, especially smartphones create huge transparency and empowers consumer actions. In order to stay close to their customers, retailers need to rethink their total offering in terms of all marketing P’s. Be it Place, Product, Price, Promotion, and certainly not least : their People.They need to find answers to challenges such as omnichannel presence and consistency, need to integrate technology in their operation and stores, make intelligent use of their data and create a lasting shopping experience for their customers.


Sector leader: Rene Bakker

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