Wholesaling & brand distribution

The Dutch wholesale sector covers the largest share of the total import- and export demand of The Netherlands. With 40% of the total, the wholesale sector, including distribution companies for many A-brands, is a main contributor to the Dutch economy. With an identified turnover of about € 450 billion and 480,000 now and an  anticipated growth to around € 500 billion and 500,000 employees in 2018 the wholesale sector will remain one of the important drivers of the Dutch economy.

At the same time the economic crisis, including the concentration of the retail channel, identifies a clear-felt pressure on brand manufacturers and suppliers of consumer goods. On the one hand the continuing ‘fight for shelf space’ fought between retailers and manufacturers, on the other hand the classic retailer’s growing fear of alternative channels such as the internet sales and parallel channels.

Maintaining brand presence in such a high stake battle requires vision, insight, focus and scope on both added value and brand presence. Whizzdom can help you with business answers to these developments which may be found in product development, market adaptations or the internationalization of your portfolio or organization.

Or will you choose for a different approach within your chosen market place? E-tail instead of retail? Direct or indirect consumer sales? Whatever you do, choices, radical or not – be it a complete exit from a market segment or the sale of brands or whole company divisions – must be made with determined view of the future.

One of our successful distribution initiatives is our so called ‘Go Dutch’ concept in which Whizzdom consults and actively assists foreign companies in all strategic-, tactical- and operational decisions for setting up their European or Dutch business in The Netherlands.

Whizzdom supports businesses to (re)define their strategic direction.

Sector leader: Roel Semmelink roel-semmelink

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