Whizzdom, hands on business consultants and interim professionals

As partners and associates of Whizzdom we have various things in common. Naturally we all demonstrate a proven track record. Not ‘just’ as advisor or interim professional. But a track record based on ‘feet in the dirt’ experience in senior management positions within leading companies in The Netherlands and abroad.

What truly differentiates us from the rest is our hands on tenacity. Like many C-level officers we have celebrated our successes, yet also lived the days where we sustained a nosebleed. That is what makes us mature sparring partners for share holders, board members and senior managers. We understand the language, the challenges, yet also the risks!

From its inception in 2000, Whizzdom has developed into a result-oriented management consultancy firm answering strategic questions and implementing interim operations for its customers. Our areas of expertise range from Telecom & media to wholesale and retail. One of our initiatives is our so called ‘Go Dutch’ business support. Specifically designed for foreign companies with a desire to open op their (European) business in The Netherlands.

Our team of carefully selected partners and associates is there to support you in any challenge you face. Our unique tandem approach provides you extra security when cooperating with us.

Mature, hardened professionals | Senior experience | International orientation | No-nonsense mentality | Hands-on approach